I am a Creative Director, UX Consultant and front-end developer.

Creative Direction / Art Direction, UX & Front end development

I have enjoyed working in this industry for 14 years.

In that time I have been inspired by many things I've seen, horrified by others but always excited by the awesome possibilities that exist in the digital world.

I believe in keeping it simple, keeping it semantic. I don't ride trends I think for my clients.

A sample of some projects


A selection of clients, past and present...

Some clients I have worked with over the years...

  • AON
  • Apple / iTunes
  • Virgin Media
  • Ulysse Nardin
  • Fellow
  • Rio Tinto
  • Qantas
  • Shell
  • BBC
  • Diageo
  • Channel Five
  • Jordan Bank
  • OMD
  • Sky
  • Sky Media
  • Sky Press Office
  • DMGT
  • Richmond University
  • Parliament
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Sony Pictures
  • Jeep
  • Fiat
  • McVities
  • Dogs Trust
  • The Elbow Rooms
  • Rolls Royce
  • Dodge
  • More than
  • BOC
  • Lyondell


  • Dewsign
  • Very Livingstone (Sydney)
  • The Farm (Sydney)
  • Wheel
  • Interesource
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Clinic
  • Singleton Ogilvy & Mather (Sydney)
  • View


I have been lucky enough to work with and for some of the best brands in the world. I cut my teeth 14 years ago in agencies in London working on jobs for big clients like HSBC, Rio Tinto & Diageo before spreading my wings a little farther afield and working in Sydney for a year. In Sydney I was a designer at Singleton Ogilvy & Mather working on projects for Qantas & Commonwealth Bank.

Back in England I contracted at various agencies and for clients among which was Sky. I returned to Sydney to work for The Farm to design and implement Qantas' first self checkin kiosk. A year later Qantas flew me back to Sydney for the second iteration of the project.

When I returned to the UK I became Art Director for Virgin Media rolling out their new identity and digital strategy across web and mobile devices. Following on from that I became Creative Director of a boutique agency based in London and Cornwall and have been leading web, mobile and app projects for clients like iTunes, AON and Parliament.


Design, Art Direction & Creative Direction.

User Experience Design, Information Architecture & strategic thinking

Expert PhotoShop, Illustrator. Good knowledge of InDesign, Freehand and all standard Microsoft applications.

Expert in the hand coding of responsive HTML 5, CSS3, with a good working knowledge of Javascript, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and also some experience of Perl, EMPerl and C++.

A proven ability to produce valid W3C standards compliant HTML and CSS with a thorough understanding of all accessibility, usability and cross browser issues.

Excellent hand rendering and visualisation skills with the ability to communicate ideas through digital and non-digital media.

Good time/project management and organisational skills.


A selection of recent projects.

AON Hewitt


We were asked to produce an App for AON Hewitt to be used by their teams to use at events to capture delegate information and engage with potential customers in a fun and interesting way in what is quite a dry and sometimes a little morbid world of life insurance. The app was also a library of documents which could be forwarded on to delegated once their details had been entered into the system.

The concept was a game based on UK location and life expectancy. The lead graphic for this branch of AON is a hot air balloon which was incorporated into the creative.

The App was a success when launched for the UK events and is now being rolled out in multilingual versions for other European countries.


  • AON Hewitt - Longevity APP
  • AON Hewitt - Longevity APP
  • AON Hewitt - Longevity APP
  • AON Hewitt - Longevity APP
  • AON Hewitt - Longevity APP



We were one of the first companies to develop an app for the iPad. It was to promote and run the ticket booking lottery for the iTunes Festival. Working closely with the iTunes brand team to produce a slick and cool interactive experience.


  • iTunes Festival '10 iPad app
  • iTunes Festival '10 iPad app
  • iTunes Festival '10 iPad app
  • iTunes Festival '10 iPad app
  • iTunes Festival '10 iPad app



We were commissioned to redesign and rebuild the Pashley Cycles site to give it a much needed lease of life and future proof it where possible.

The design stage is now complete but the site is still under construction.


  • Pashley
  • Pashley
  • Pashley



This is a site built in conjunction with Dewsign for a personal project of mine.

Fellow is a new surf brand and it needed a memorable and engaging site to help build confidence in the brand and its values. The site is designed to be a destination site with articles and galleries as well as a shop site.

All front end code is built to HTML 5 specs to ease the accessibility by modern mobile devices.

I also designed the branding and am responsible all the photos in the galleries.


BrandingUXDesignHTML 5CSS3

  • The Fellow Way Ltd
  • The Fellow Way Ltd
  • The Fellow Way Ltd

The Weekenders


Kate had built up an enviable following with her unique approach to reviewing and recommending weekend getaway accomodation. We had to rebuild the site taking care not to do anything to detract from her google ranking but give the site a new look using our advanced CMS to increase her productivity and and give her ways to moneytise the site so it could become a living for her.

As a result of launching the new site, unique users are up 150% as is duration of stay and page depth.


BrandingUXDesignHTML 5CSS3

  • The Weekenders
  • The Weekenders
  • The Weekenders

Ulysse Nardin


UN Cells are revolutionizing the luxury mobile phone marketplace. The Chairman is the worlds first luxury hybrid smart phone produced by the marquis partnership between Ulysse Nardin, an industry leader in mechanical timepieces, and SCI, a pioneer in hybrid cell phone technology.

These are concepts for their new site to which we wanted to give a luxury feel to match the quality of their handsets.


  • UN Cells Concepts
  • UN Cells Concepts

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